Introducing Stylish Cooling Fans To Our Range

We welcome the new Stadler Form Cooling Fans a cultivating brand that is sophisticated and bleeds style. A multi award winner throughout Europe – renowned for their attention to detail and innovative craftsmanship. Providing creative and stylish household appliances across the world. Stadler Form has a long history for creativity and collaborating with top designers to achieve technologically advanced appliances that are considered appealing, durable whilst being eco-friendly – profiled as high quality and elegant. Reputable Swiss designer and artist Carlo Borer is behind the development of Stadler Form floor fans the Otto and the Q. Carlo a well-known designer who was inspired to produce such cooling fans for there practicality, floor fans which were fashionable objects and add the finishing touches to a home’s requirements.


Why choose Stadler Form?

• Stadler Form is a well-respected specialist in home and climate appliances.
• European design to enforce a high standard of quality.
• A consecutive multi award winner.
• Emphasis on innovation, resource-friendly, easy to use and stylish products.

The Otto Floor Fan

An outstanding designed cooling fan, The Otto is small in size (12”) with an industrial chic. Constructed with neat ecological bamboo casing an emphasis on sustainability and a stainless steel metal grille. The Otto is a practical lightweight constructed floor fan with adjustable angled feet, it can be carried from room to room in your home, apartment or studio. The Swiss designed floor fan by Carlo Borer generates a large amount of air circulation, controlled by its three speeds. Don’t be fooled by its height, the Otto is a solid air mover. Architecturally appealing, the Otto blends into Contemporary and Industrial interior decors. It fits within confined spaces or simply a feature of the room, an appropriate appliance for an area size of 100 m3. A reliable companion indoors, the Otto is a superior industrial-strength fan that is efficient in low energy consumption.

The Q Floor Fan

A stainless steel icon amongst floor fans, the Q is uniquely shaped circulating a current of 2,400 m3 per hour of air to perform wonders indoors making the space fresher in style. Impressively the Q by hallmark design Carlo Borer is virtually silent whilst operating reaching its highest sound level of 58 dB(A). Performing all day and night the Q is manufactured with a removable grille for efficient cleansing of the blades, to increase the longevity of the fan. A full construction of high quality metal from top to bottom the Q is superior in versatility with an adjustable angle it is a pleasant minimalist designed ventilator that sits on a desk, bedside table and of course the floor to match your home décor of an Urban Modern or Scandinavian interior space.


Summary of the Otto and Q Floor Standing Ventilators

• Designed and developed from admired European artist and designer – Carlo Borer.
• Lightweight and transportable.
• 3 speed settings – fine tuning the controls between low, medium and high.
• Highest airflow level reaches 2,2400 m3/hr – a great air mover for spaces of 40 m2.
• High quality materials – Stainless Steel and Bamboo


Click here to view our full range of Stadler Form Floor Fans.

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Cooling Fans For Gyms

Gym Fans

Need something super powerful to keep your gym clients cool as they work out? We have the solution for you: a powerful, commercial pedestal or wall fan. A good quality commercial pedestal or wall fan is seriously heavy duty so you can be confident in running it as many hours as you need per day – perfect as a pedestal or wall fan for a Gym application or other commercial applications.

Gym Pedestal Fan or Wall Mount Gym Fan?
Whether a pedestal or wall mount is better depends on your situation. Commercial pedestal fans have the advantage of being able to be moved from one location to another. However, it is more common in a gym to have them fixed in one place. Also keep in mind that they are fairly heavy so you don’t want to be moving them too often!

Commercial wall fans are great for a number of reasons:

  1. They are fixed to the wall so no one can move them or tamper with them too much
  2. You can save on space by not need to take up floor space
  3. You can mount them a bit higher and have them tilted downwards to save even more space

Both versions normally come with a plug so you don’t need an electrician, and any handy person can put them together and mount them where necessary. This is always good for saving a bit of money! However if you prefer, it is always possible to get an electrician to hard-wire it in. There is normally also a few different size options. The larger fans normally also have larger motors, so they cover a large area but are also tend to be louder. Usually commercial pedestal and wall fans have several speed options.

There are also ‘semi-commercial’ pedestal and wall fans

These are between a domestic and commercial fan, not as powerful (but also not as loud) as a commercial fan, and more powerful than a domestic fan. They are often also a bit more heavy duty than a domestic fan. These are great for small gyms or rooms, home gyms, or spaces where you want a quiet option like a yoga room. Semi-commercial fans often come in both pedestal and wall option, and also have several speed options. Some come with switch controls, while others come with a pull cord. As they are not as large and powerful and commercial fans, they are also lighter, making them a much better option for situations where you want to have one fan and move it from one spot to another often.

Remember, if you are not sure which option will suit best, our expert staff are here to help! And check out the technical information of each product, we try to provide you with as much information as we can so you can work out which size fits best!

Best Gym Pedestal Fans

Best Gym Wall Fans

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Commercial Pedestal Fans

Commercial / Industrial Pedestal And Wall Fans

commercial pedestal fansHeavy duty, commercial pedestal and wall fans can be an essential element of warehouses, kitchens, gyms and other commercial and semi-commercial areas. Even through the winter months, commercial fans provide an energy efficient solution for circulating air. The great thing about pedestal fans is that you can easily store them away when they are not needed and move them around to the areas that need them at your leisure. Commercial wall fans are a bit more fixed however do not take up floor space so can be a great space saver.

Pedestal Fans Warehouse has a great range of commercial and industrial fans in several sizes for a multitude of applications.

View our range of commercial and industrial fans here.

Advantages of Commercial Pedestal And Wall Fans

  • Easy to install – plug in and go on pedestal fans, easy DIY wall bracket for wall fans (with existing power-points)
  • Easy to store away when not using them
  • Easy to move around where needed
  • Can be a cheaper option to other cooling or air circulation techniques.
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Pedestal Fans Perfect For Summer

Pedestal Fans – A Portable Cooling Solution

With summer on the horizon, a portable cooling solution is bound to be on your mind. No need for electricians, pedestal fans can simply be plugged in and off you go! They are great for those who want instant cooling and portable style. There is now a much greater range of pedestal fans available with styles ranging from your basic white and silver models to a more bold and modern look with wooden stands and bronze cages. Take your pick with our full selection.

To view our domestic pedestal fan collection – see Pedestal Fans

Fanco Pedestal Fan Mercator Pedestal Fan Fanimation Pedestal Fan

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