Plastic Wall Fan 16″ White w/ Remote

This plastic wall fan with remote control mounted is a good quality product that offers unrivaled value for money. The fan comes with features such as oscillation, three selectable speeds and a cage that can be tilted to ensure airflow can be directed at an optimal angle. Read more about the fan below:

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This plastic fan is a great value product and can be a cost effective solution if you are looking for a fan at a great price point without compromising on quality. The fan is a popular choice for large scale projects as it comes with all the features you would expect from a cooling fan such as:

  • Includes remote control
  • The grille can oscillate or remain in a fixed position
  • The grille can be tilted based on your requirements (for example it can be angled down or up depending on the mounting angle)
  • High quality all plastic construction

Plastic Wall Fan Specifications

  • Motor Wattage: 65W
  • Speed (RPM) on each speed: 950/1150/1300
  • Ball Bearing Motor: Sleeve Bearing Motor
  • 0.5hr-7.5hr timer
  • Wind/Breeze/Sleep Mode

The plastic wall fan is designed to be easy to install. No electrician is required, the fan will conveniently plug into the nearest available powerpoint on the wall. You then have to ensure the fan is fixed to the wall securely.

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