Fanco DC Motor Pedestal Fan – Domestic 16″

The Domestic DC Motor Pedestal Fan is a new quality addition to the Fanco range which is great for domestic environments such as offices and bedroom spaces. Powered by a 43W DC motor this fan moves up to 3900m3/hr with its ABS plastic blades and has a tilt adjustable head allowing you to direct the airflow as needed. Has up to 8 selectable speeds and timer off setting, a handy feature for those hot summer nights.

Includes lead and plug for DIY installations and is controlled via the digital controller on the motor.



$189.00 $289.00


 Pedestal Fan -Domestic 16″

Suitable for offices or bedroom spaces this Pedestal Fan from Fanco is one the few pedestal fans on the market which utilize DC motor technology – allowing the fan to operate more efficiently and quieter than their AC counterparts. Features up to 8 selectable speeds, oscillation setting and timer off function via digital controller at the rear of the pedestal fan.

DC Pedestal Fan – Domestic Features

  • 8 Speeds
  • Includes run on timer with 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour options
  • Low Noise
  • Aerodynamic Plastic Blades
  • Oscillation control on motor
  • Suitable for Commercial use
  • Controlled by switch on motor
  • Vertical Tilt Adjustable


Speed Wattage RPM Airflow
1 5w 530 1200m3/hr
2 10w 870 1800m3/hr
3 16w 990 2100m3/hr
4 21w 1050 2400m3/hr
5 28w 1130 2700m3/hr
6 34w 1200 3000m3/hr
7 38w 1300 3600m3/hr
8 43w 1350 3900m3/hr
Fan Type


Cage Colour

Blade Colour

Stand / Bracket Material

Control Mechanism