Commercial Pedestal Fans

Commercial / Industrial Pedestal And Wall Fans

commercial pedestal fansHeavy duty, commercial pedestal and wall fans can be an essential element of warehouses, kitchens, gyms and other commercial and semi-commercial areas. Even through the winter months, commercial fans provide an energy efficient solution for circulating air. The great thing about pedestal fans is that you can easily store them away when they are not needed and move them around to the areas that need them at your leisure. Commercial wall fans are a bit more fixed however do not take up floor space so can be a great space saver.

Pedestal Fans Warehouse has a great range of commercial and industrial fans in several sizes for a multitude of applications.

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Advantages of Commercial Pedestal And Wall Fans

  • Easy to install – plug in and go on pedestal fans, easy DIY wall bracket for wall fans (with existing power-points)
  • Easy to store away when not using them
  • Easy to move around where needed
  • Can be a cheaper option to other cooling or air circulation techniques.