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Pedestal Fans Warehouse is an Australian owned and operated online store where it is convenient and safe to purchase pedestal fans, wall fans, floor fans and desk fans online. We offer warehouse prices on all our fans and offer Australia wide delivery!

We are a specialist pedestal fans online store where you will find a large range including pedestal fans, wall fans, floor fans, desk fans and commercial fans.

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Pedestal fans are a great way to save energy on your household cooling spend while providing a portable solution. Simply plug in and go with a range of domestic and commercial pedestal fans. They are easy to assemble and easy to stow away when they are no longer needed or moved to different areas needing cooling.

Wall fans are also a great way to cool a room without taking up floor space. Simply fix the fan to the wall, plug in and go.

Our commercial fan products will suit a range of commercial and industrial cooling requirements. These fans are excellent choices from gyms, studios, cafeterias, workshops and factories as they have a higher airflow and are of a commercial grade.

We offer a wide variety of fan products in a number of styles to suit your space. No longer are the days of few options, we have styles ranging from the basic white and silver to the more designer look of wood tripod legs and dark cage in the Arden. Our pedestal fans, wall, floor and desk fans are all great quality products that all carry a warranty. See the product description for details. We also have a sister store where you can find quality ceiling fans at great warehouse prices also!

Buy pedestal fans online Australia wide – we ship promptly within 24 hours*. Your fans will be delivered safely and quickly to your door while you enjoy cheap pedestal fan prices.

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Your safety in buying online is paramount to us so we have put in place several security measures to ensure your experience is secure. We offer secure payment gateways as well as a bank transfer option so you have the choice of what you feel most comfortable doing. Additionally, our site has an SSL certificate also to help with the overall security of the our Pedestal Fans Australia Warehouse website.

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